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Jazz in the Class
An audio-visual-lecture presentation of the only classical musical art form to originate in America.

Educator/Performer RICHARD PEARL presents this original program - a combined presentation of rare 16 mm sound film, with a supporting lecture to both educate and entertain students and teachers of various backgrounds. This unique program finds wide acceptance with educators trying to supplement badly cut musical programs, and those wishing to present a great history lesson on America's music to the entire student body. It maintains high student interest throughout, has an interdisciplinary combination of culture, history, and performance, and provides ample time for questions.

The program will consist of three 20 minute film presentations, each preceded by a 10 minute background lecture. This 90 minute presentation traces the jazz idiom from its inception to the present, by exploring the three basic eras of the music, and how each progressed to the next. The economics of the time, and its impact on the development of this musical form, is explained so that the audience more fully understands the important relationship between the two.

An outline of the lecture:

Section I The Beginning The Public Likes It
  • A definition of Jazz, and a brief discussion of it's roots
  • An overview of early jazz band instrumentation
  • The music scene of the early 1900's
  • The program:
    • Paul Whiteman- The king of Jazz - "Not Really"
    • Abe Lyman - A mixture of Jazz and pop - with dancing
    • Louis Armstrong - Jazz at its utmost - A short Study in Trumpet Styles
    • "Fats" Wailer - Jazz and Performance together - Soundies - The First Videos
    • Mamie Smith - The Blues - A pop music of the twenties
    • Eddie Condon - Dixieland Jazz - The commercial end
    • Meade Lux Lewis - Boogie-Woogie piano - a stepping stone
    • The Mills Brothers - Nothing but a guitar
    • Questions comments
Section II The Big Bands - Jazz Grows Up and Gets Commercial
  • The progression - from the small group to the Big Band
  • The added vocalist - the microphone
  • The production numbers - the movies - the dance craze
  • The program:
    • Benny Goodman - integrated Jazz
    • Duke Ellington - Harmonically Sophisticated
    • Jimmie Lunceford - A Focus On Rhythm
    • Count Basie - Hard Driving Soloists
    • Glen Miller - Jazz for the Masses with two interpretations
Section III Modern Jazz - The Public Gets Lost In The Rhythm
  • Bebop loses the masses
  • T.V. changes the scene
  • Economics says it all
  • The program:
    • Dizzy Gillespie - The King of Bop
    • Miles Davis - The Birth of "The Cool"
    • The Jam Session - Let it all hang out
    • Cab Cailoway The Prince of Scat
    • The Nicholas Brothers - A Grand Finale

Supplementary teaching materials applicable to all, will be provided in advance, to help teachers prepare students for the program.

Contact Rich to request the exact program, or a complete press kit.

All Contents Copyright © Richard Pearl