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The Uncommon Banjo Band
Audience Participation * Dancing * Exciting Show

What is a Banjo Band?
Everybody wants to know. Imagine this unlikely cast of characters: banjo, washboard, tuba, and trombone. Playing ragtime, sing-along, Roaring 20's, cheek to cheek dance music, with some Dixieland Jazz thrown in.

What is an Uncommon Banjo Band?
Would you believe - duelling washboards, a 50's rock & roll sing-along, chopsticks to a reggae beat, Oh! Suzanna goes disco, banjo love songs, the Brahms Hungarian washboard, the Orange Blossom local. Yes, we do standard banjo band material as well!

What do you do that's Special?
We play a wider range of musical material than other banjo bands. WHAT ELSE? Our specialty is an exciting show within a show, presented during the evening's performance. A typical evening would Include:

  • Traditional set. Ragtime (The Entertainer) Sing-Along (Ain't She Sweet) - Specialty Dance Music (Chicken Dance) - Regular Dance Music (My Blue Heaven) - Rock `n Roll (Rock Around the Clock) - Dixieland Jazz (Bill Bailey) - Country & Western (On the Road Again)

  • Uncommon Banjo Band terrific show. Duelling Banjos - International (Italian, Greek, Polish) - Banjo Love Songs (Lara's Theme) - Duelling wasbboards (novelty slugfest) - Chopsticks (latin, reggae and turbo) - Aerobic Sing-Along - (the audience gets involved) Classical Disco (to the William Tell Overture) - Building a Jazz Tune (Sweet Sue) - Country & Western (Orange Blossom Special Cross Country)

Listen to some music from Rich's CD

Does this Uncommon band have an Uncommon Leader?
Naturally. Richard Pearl is a featured performer with many of today's stars, among them Rich Little, Pat Paulsen and Regis Philbin. He has entertained on five star ships and hotels and at major conventions throughout the United States.

So, Where has Richard's Band Performed?
IBM * Chrysler * Meadowlands Raceway * Macy's * Southland CorporatIon (7-11) * Eastern Airlines * Danbury Fair * National Rifle Association * Thermo-King * Jersey City State College * Senator Ted Kennedy * Barclay's Bank * Sheraton Hotels * Faberge

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